Childish fights, Ronaldo dancing, and long range goals; here's what you might have missed from the football. 

This weekend the Man Cave was mostly watching sports, as we tend to do, and there are a few great moments that you might have missed, given just how many games were on. In case there was anything that slipped your attention, we're here to help, as always. 

In Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo scored ANOTHER hat-trick (his third in four games) and bringing his haul so far this season to 13. They've played seven games so far. Anyway, seeing as he had good reason to celebrate, so he showed off the dance moves that his friend and team-mate James Rodriguez has obviously been teaching him .

In Germany, former Chelsea player Kevin De Bruyne was on the receiving end on one of the weekend's more childish incidents as his Wolfsburg side won 1-0 over FC Augsburg. His opponent, clearly not happy with being clipped on the heel by the Belgian, decided to flick his boot at him, as you do.



Staying in Germany, Man Cave mancrush Xabi Alonso left Madrid in the summer, and joined Pep Guardiola at Bayern. He has started off his time there in incredible fashion, showing the Spanish side what they're missing out on, and he went close to scoring from his own half on Saturday.

In Italy, Khouma Babacar scored as his Fiorentina side helped themselves to three points against Inter Milan, with a few great goals. While Juan Cuadrado's effort was good, Babacar's was better.

Staying in Italy, Gonzalo Higuain's start to the season has been disappointing as he's only scored one goal so far in seven games, and he showed last night that he is really struggling to find the back of the net. Really, really struggling.

And of course, before we go, you'll need a goalkeeping blunder to keep yourself entertained, and while there was a strong contender from Bernd Leno of Leverkusen, we'll instead opt for this cracker from France as Nicolas Penneteau of Charleroi let this backpass slip past him in to the net as his side lost 2-0.

And one other thing you might have missed was Robbie Keane celebrating like Derek Zoolander because he scored a great goal. He's still bloody brilliant.



Even more things you might enjoy are the shoving match between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho that caused the internet to go into meme overdrive, or Paul Merson's unfortunate description of how good a first touch was in the Liverpool game. Both excellent choices...