You may have spent your weekend trawling through Twitter, hoping to catch wind of the latest transfer rumour, regardless of its validity. But there's plenty of time for that today, and because of your poor time management, you've probably missed a couple of things from the weekend's matches. Not to worry, we've got your back, here's some of the best bits you may not have seen.

For all of those hoping that Shane Long is going to step up and start scoring, calm down. Ireland already has a natural finisher, and he's still destroying teams. Granted, they're very poor teams, but we're suckers for a good dink. Take a bow Robbie Keane.

Speaking of talented Irish players (well, we hope he'll be Irish anyway) Jack Grealish is pretty decent. Especially if your barometer for a player's skill is based on how often the opposition kick him. If so, sign him up Martin, and give him a proper pair of socks.

Moving away from our boys, that Ibrahimovic fellow had a good weekend. We're all guilty of skipping over the Ligue 1 when it comes to the weekend's highlights, especially since there's no more Eurogoals, but when someone scores a hat-trick it's probably worth watching.

Three goals on his return to the side ain't half bad. We're not going to mention the quality of the opposition, nor are we going to mention that the keeper was literally booting the ball into his own net. Actually, we will. Sebastian Ruffier, not your best day in the goals.

Finally, the Quaresma of defenders (skillful and amazing if you were wondering what that meant) Calum Chambers decided to go all continental against Leicester instead of booting it out. Reason being, he wasn't in doubt.