Yes, it's a bit early to be discussing the reported inclusion of fish bladders in Guinness, but consider yourselves forever informed. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. 

National Geographic published an article over the weekend highlighting some animal products that are included in foods that you wouldn't necessarily expect them to be in. For example, while you would expect gelatin to be present in marshmallows, it may surprise you to here the animal bone bi-product that makes jellies oh so chewy is also included in "Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats and Pop-Tarts" as well as Planters' dry roasted peanuts.

Vegans wouldn't be going near cheese, but some of the stricter vegetarians no doubt already know that animal byproduct, calf rennet, is used to make certain cheese: "parmesan, gruyere, gorgonzola, camembert" are all forms of cheese that use animal rennet in its production - so that also means pesto is out of bounds...

Even sugar isn't out of bounds: "Bone char from cattle is often used during the filtration process when cane sugar is refined and whitened."

As for fruit juices, they're animal free - right? Not exactly... Seemingly Tropicana's grapefruit juice contains a colour derived from crushed blood red bugs. "Carmine, cochineal extract and natural Red 4 are ubiquitous on the bottom of ingredient lists. But these ingredients, often grouped as natural coloring, come from the tiny cochineal bug, which has been used to make red dye for centuries."

For those hanging on in there to hear how in the name of jaysis there's fish bladders in Guinness, it's used as a form of binding gelatin "For the past two centuries, an obscure bit of fish product has been hiding in Guinness. Isinglass is a gelatin derived of fish bladders, usually taken from the sturgeon, that is used to filter and clarify the ale. It ensures the yeast separates from the liquid."

All is not lost, however. The drinks company only just announced that it's found a new vegan-friendly filtration system and "will begin rolling out the fish-less beer late next year..." Not everyone is happy, though...