Finland will be the first country in the world to have its own set of emojis, one of which includes a heavy metal fan.

The Finnish government will introduce a set of emojis on December 30th that anyone in the world can use, with one of the first emojis released being that of a Nokia 3310. Yes, the tough old phone you had years ago is a national symbol in Finland.

There's more - a NAKED couple in a sauna also has been released for use because, as the promotional website tells it, "sauna is as Finnish as it gets. Naked."

Right so. The emojis are part of a set of 30 emojis that will be released as part of the ThisisFINLAND campaign. "We have been anything but serious when creating these emojis. Hopefully they will open up not only our weirdness but also our strengths of which unarming honesty is one example," hopes Petra Theman, Director for Public Diplomacy at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Sure enough, this got us thinking. What would a set of Irish national emojis look like?

Here's a few thoughts:

- A harp, obviously, because it's our national symbol

- A water meter (and optional crowd protesting it)

- A Daniel O'Donnell emoji, because he's a national treasure

- A spicebag, because come on, they're just incredible

- A Paul O'Connell emoji, complete with crutches to remind us of the sacrifice he made for Ireland

- A BeWitched emoji, because they too are national treasures

- A more hun-specific emoji of those girls line-dancing

If you're in any way decent at graphic design and can mock up a few of these, get in touch.