You've probably seen eating contests in restaurants; the kind that'll get you a free meal if you finish it and so on.

However, one restaurant in New York is offering something a little bit different from the usual. Don Chingon, in Brooklyn NY, is offering customers 10% of the restaurant if they can finish their challenge meal.

In order to qualify and win, they have to finish off a 30-pound burrito AND a Ghost Pepper margarita, all within one hour and without stopping for a break or (ew) letting out any bodily fluids.

That might seem doable, even if you're starving, but the current record for eating a giant burrito stands at 14 lbs., so this is nearly double that.

The restaurant, as you can imagine, has a clause in the contract that prevents anyone from suing them if they should die or be struck with illness in the course of the challenge. What's more, you'll have to pay $150 for the honour of attempting the challenge in the first place.