The announcement of Wetherspoons' expansion into Ireland hasn't been met with the greatest excitement by some.

Local publicans are claiming that Wetherspoons' infamous policy of selling drink and food at a loss will force them out of business.

One TD, however, is taking it a step further.

Fine Gael TD Mary Mitchell O'Connor of Dun Laoghaire believes that below-cost pricing of alcohol in both pubs and off-licences is bad for business and that we, as a country, "have an issue with young people binge drinking."

The TD wants to see Minimum Unit Pricing introduced, which would prevent Wetherspoons from selling their drink at a loss.

Minimum Unit Pricing is due to be introduced before the Dail in the coming year, with Health Minister Leo Varadkar planning to publish a draft of the bill.

Wetherspoons have hit out at the government's plans to introduce a ban of cheap drink, however they say it won't effect their plans to expand in Ireland.

The pub-chain recently opened in the Forty Foot in Dun Laoghaire, with plans to expand out to 30 more locations, including Cork and Waterford.

As for Wetherspoons' pricing, it's really quite something.

A pint of stout, specifically Bath Ales Dark Side stout, would set you back €2.50 whilst the average price for a pint of stout in any other Dublin is almost double that at €5.00.