Politicians can't seem to stop making mistakes when it comes to the issue of water charges.

Whatever way you want to look at it, the PR campaign for Irish Water has been handled poorly, and apart from the fact that people are upset about the charges, various members of different political parties who are for the charges have been making some unwise choices when it comes to expressing their opinions. 

The other week we saw Senator Martin Conway telling us that water doesn't just fall from the sky, and this weekend Laura McGonigle, a Fine Gael councillor, was in hot water (pun intended) when she suggested that those protesting in the various marches this weekend should just drink rain water if they're so worried about paying. 

Obviously, this was not a popular comment once it started getting attention on social media, and she has since issued a statement in an effort to further explain what she actually meant. She stated that someone had suggested to her that we get so much rain in Ireland we shouldn't have to pay for water, and she simply wanted to point out that "rainwater is not safe for drinking and costs the State in the region of €1.2bn per year to treat". She apologised for any offence taken and added that she realises her comments were " were open to a misinterpretation".

Via The Journal. Main pic via William Murphy/Flickr