A Fine Gael Councillor has caused a stir online after tweeting about the end of the Page 3 Girls in The Sun.

This week, The Sun have taken the decision to stop putting images of topless models on their (in)famous Page 3 section, and while many have praised the decision to do so, one Fine Gael councillor has taken to Twitter to disagree. 

Redmond is a councillor for the Howth-Malahide area, and in his message tweeted his congratulations to the "feminazis", as the removal of Page 3 means that there are now more women without jobs as others found their work offensive.

While the tweet was posted just a short time ago, the negative reaction to it has been quick to arrive, with many people pointing out that this won't end their careers, and that the terminology used in his message was perhaps ill-advised on Redmond's part. Of course, there's also a GIF that sums it up perfectly.