Some inventions make perfect sense, while others simply guild the lily. Something tells us this may fall in to the latter category. 

Science and technology has come on in leaps and bounds, and there's no doubting that we have all sorts of things that even our parents' generation could only dream of. That wasn't good enough for the folks at Kobo, who decided they needed to invent something that no one ever had dreamed of, in the form of a waterproof e-reader.

Why? Who knows, but the company claim, according to The Verge, that the "Aura H20 is certified to be able to spend up to 30 minutes in one meter of water", and is a pretty premium device, boasting the highest resolution currently available in an e-reader and a 6.8 inch anti-glare touchscreen.

While it appears to not make a whole bunch of sense to us, it certainly could come in useful for those who take their e-reader away on holiday to the beach or to the pool, and want to multitask. A regular book would just get wet, and any other e-reader would bite the dust, so there must be some demand for it...right?

Via The Verge