New figures show that of the properties inspected in the 2014, 73% were declared not fit for habitation. 

If you've ever looked for somewhere to rent in Dublin, then you'll be more than well aware that there are some real dives out there up for rent, and the latest figures back that up. 

According to stats obtained by, Dublin City Council inspected a total of 3,427 dwellings in the city in 2014, and a mere 924 passed the "regulatory requirements" for being declared fit to live in. The requirements cover "structural condition, sanitary, heating facilities, food preparation areas, storage and laundry, ventilation, lighting, fire safety, refuse facilities, and electricity and gas". 

1,542 properties were inspected off the back of complaints from tenants, while a further 1,885 were carried out as part of the Intensified Inspection Programme (IIP), a move by the council to inspect properties without needing to be tipped off, and bring them up to code. A staggering 1,574 of those properties failed the tests set by the IIP. 

The properties failed on a number of fronts, which included "mould growing on ceilings and walls, exposed live wires and/or sockets not properly secured, severe damp, rotten wood, missing smoke alarms, and failure to provide a heating unit in each room".