Many years from now, Oliver Stone - if he's still alive and making films - is going to make one cracking film about the 2016 Presidential Election.

There really hasn't been anything like it and we've now reached the stage where feminist witches are lining out against Donald Trump. Tonight, in Vermont in the U.S., a group of women will gather together to "cast magical spells of love and feminism to destroy the Great Orange One and the racism, xenophobia and sexism he feeds on," according to a flier for the event.

The Great Orange One, we're led to believe, is Donald Trump. The event's organisers, Laurie Essig and Tina Escaja, are college professors who organised the event. Why witches and why now?

Well, given that "witches have historically been associated with nasty women," according to Essig, it all seemed pretty logical to go the full bore and straight up place a witch curse on Trump.

Makes complete sense, to be honest. Let's see if it pays off in eleven days' time when the U.S. Presidential Election finally takes place.


Via Seven Days