The rowing club at Warwick University is made up of a group of students who do some great fundraising work for Macmillan Cancer Support. How? Why, naked calendars of course. 

While the idea of a nude calendar is nothing new, the student athletes at Warwick, both male and female, have kicked things up a notch with their versions, and they have made plenty of fans in the process across their social media pages on Twitter and Facebook

In the last few weeks, it seems that the latter of those has been causing them a bit of hassle after those in charge at Zuckerberg HQ had the girls' page taken down, where they were trying to drum up some publicity for their second edition of the calendar. However, the guys' page was left untouched. 

Pic via Warwick Rowing

For many, including the athletes themselves, they saw this as a double standard and felt they were being unfairly punished. As one member of the rowing club, Frankie Salzano, told The Huffington Post, "the photographs we feel are an accurate representation of an athletic female body, something to be celebrated and not shunned, especially because there are Facebook pages that are degrading to the female form."

Pic via Warwick Rowing

In the end, Facebook have been forced to row back on their previous decision and reopen the page, but the bad feedback that they received for shutting it down in the first place actually created a lot of publicity for the students and their work in the process. So much so, in fact, that their website crashed under the volume of traffic of people trying to order themselves a copy of the now infamous calendar. 

If you want to support the girls, or indeed the lads, in their efforts to raise money for charity, then head on over to their website and get your hands on a calendar

Via GQ Brazil and The Huffington Post