While many fans continue to mourn the passing of Carrie Fisher, many began to wonder about the fate of her loyal and famous-in-his-own-right service dog Gary.

The four-year-old French bulldog accompanied Fisher on almost all of her appearances in recent years, stealing the thunder multiple times and even gaining his own set of fans and even his own Instagram account. Said fans were concerned about his future after this heartbreaking unofficial tweet went viral following FIsher's heart attack and admission to hospital.

Thankfully, he'll be going to a good home.

According to TMZ, Fisher's daughter Billie Lourd is taking custody of Gary as her mother wished, and with a source telling them that "Billie already has a French bulldog named Tina, that's best friends with Gary. We're told she wants to make sure the two get along in the long term and she's able to handle the added responsibility."


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"Carrie always wanted Billie to take Gary if something happened to her. If, for some reason, Billie can't care for Gary for the long haul, the dog will remain in the family."


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 Fisher described Gary as "like my heart." Ours are broken.