The Ultimate Fighting Championship has always been closely aligned with the US military and have even had a couple of Fight Nights exclusively for the troops.

While they've had fighters who were also part of the armed forces in the past (current top pundit Brian Stann), they have an active fighter who also continues to take dangerous missions as well as fight. 

UFC Middleweight contender Tim Kennedy was part of the elite 7th Special Forces Group and is now a sergeant first class with the Texas National Guard; he mentioned on his Facebook that the FBI had contacted him about what they believed to be a "credible threat" from ISIS.

Kennedy's response was fairly straight forward "Let those cowards come.’”

That might sound a little boisterous, but bare in mind that this is the dude who you want to be standing next to when the zombie apocalypse finally kicks off. 

“What’s the definition of terrorism?” Kennedy said. “It’s to achieve an objective through the use of force and fear. These are just nasty, evil, disgusting human beings who disrespect human life. I teach people how to live with threats like this. Who would I be to be cowering to a bunch of gutless cowards acting like a bunch of tough guys online?”

Yea, they probably could've picked an easier target there now.

Via Army Times Main pic via Tim Kennedy Fan Page