What is there to say about Joaquin Phoenix these days? His public meltdown continued last night when he jumped off stage at a performance of his in Miami to confront an audience member who presumably had the audacity to make direct eye contact with the former actor. Security intervened and dragged Phoenix back onstage, where he likely hopped on the nearest boxcar and skipped town.

Casey Affleck, Joaquin's brother in law, once again filmed the entire episode fuelling rumours that Phoenix's spectacular faux hobo (faux-bo?) routine might be one great big hoax. Joaquin public appearances have been, shall we say, odd in the last few months. In January he fell off stage during a hip hop performance in a nightclub and recently make a hysterical/cringe worthy appearance on David Letterman's Tonight Show. What do you think, loyal readers? Has Joaquin really flipped out, or is this Andy Kaufmann-esque performance art? Let us know in the talkbacks.

-John Balfe

(Sheena McGinley is away)