The 45-year-old DJ has been dealing with some drinking demons for a while now, with his manager Garry Blackburn saying: "It's all pretty straight forward. He has gone in voluntarily to sort out his drinking problem."

This shouldn't be news considering Cook's past admissions: "Fatboy Slim is my alter ego - he's confident, a bit of a show-off. It takes me until midnight to psych myself into him. Externally, the difference between me and him is a bad Hawaiian shirt and half a bottle of vodka. Sometimes it feels a little undignified but I never seem to get tired of getting drunk. I've tried going on stage sober and it wasn't much fun. There's a certain bravado involved in what I do. It takes a lot of alcohol to stop me thinking 'You're a 40-year-old man. What are you doing whirling that towel above your head?'"