Bojangles', our new favourite name for a fast food franchise, made a bit of a blunder over the weekend.

When James Miner went to the Bonjangles drive-through in Virgina over the weekend we wasn't too pleased with their service. Having waited in line for his chicken, he was served a bucket of cold poultry.

As you can expect, he demanded a fresh meal, and the staff were happy to oblige. You'd think the second time around they'd have managed to get his order right, but instead of his chicken he was given $4,500 dollars in cash and some bank slips.

Miner wasn't too slow about handing back in the cash, but was hoping for a reward which didn't come. Although he was given a new meal as well as $100 in vouchers for the restaurant, he felt disrespected by the store's response to his act of integrity.


He didn't seem too happy about it did he? If it was me I'd have just ate the cold chicken, so I reckon he should be more than happy. What else would you expect from a drive through, they're basically the devil.

Via Mashable