Your daily commute just got that bit more expensive... 

As if your grey, rainy, dreary Tuesday after a bank holiday couldn't get any better, the folks at Dublin Bus have popped up with a great bit of news for you: their fares are going up again. 

The National Transport Authority announced this morning that there would be an increase in fares, and that the number of fares would also be cut from 16 to just nine, four different leap fares and five for cash payments, meaning that you might want to recalculate your daily journey with the table below.

Via The National Transport Authority

The National Transport Authority are keen to point out that, although the new maximum fee of €3.30 is significantly higher than the €2.65 it used to cost in 2012, use of the Leap Card will see passengers forking over significantly less, and a price below the 2012 level. 

The move towards the Leap Card is one that is clearly being pushed by the NTA, as the daily cap amount for the Leap card will remain the same as in 2014. These new fares will come in to effect from the 1st of January 2015, so best start saving your pennies now, there'll be no fun for you over the Christmas.