FC Muri and FC Baden met in the fourth tier of Swiss football this past weekend, and the match has grabbed plenty of headlines around the world for the wrong reasons. 

It doesn't take much knowledge of Swiss German to be able to translate the headline that Blick have gone with to describe an incident in the Swiss fourth division this past weekend, simply opting to call it a "Piss-Attacke".

In case that's not clear enough, allow us to fill you in: Muri goalkeeper Reto Felder was getting his fair share of abuse from the Baden fans behind the goal he was in when, at one stage, they managed to convince a ball boy to sneak them his water bottle. They then emptied the bottle, and replaced the liquid with their own urine, making for a nasty 'prank' on the goalie. 

When he next went to take a swig of his beverage, he immediately noticed that something was wrong, but the fans also decided to shout at him and let him know that he was "infected" as a result of drinking from the bottle. He did later complain of feeling nauseated, but refused to go to hospital for a check up. 

Rightly, both sides have come out in condemnation of the act, with Muri coach Beat Hubeli describing it as something from "the bottom drawer" while Baden club president Thomi Bram said that they would launch an investigation into the matter. 

Hubeli also added that every game against Baden is "high risk" so it seems that their fans have a bit of a reputation, which has now managed to go worldwide thanks to this latest, disgusting stunt. 

Via Who Ate All the Pies. Main pic via Oriol Salvador on Flickr