Let's be honest here, your phone is a hugely important part of your life. Whether you use it for work, for play or just for Twitter and Facebook, you probably interact more with your phone on a day to day basis than you do with most of your friends and family. If Forrest Gump were around today, we imagine he'd paraphrase himself to saying "You can tell a lot about a person by their phone... Where they're going, where they been...", and we do secretly judge others on how awesome or awful the phone in their hand is.

Picking out a new phone can be a daunting challenge - So many choices! So many specs! - but we here at entertainment.ie are here to help, and have narrowed it down to what we think are the best five phones on the market right now.

5. Nokia Lumia 820

Working from the Windows Phone 8 Operating System, the Lumia is a super-user friendly phone that has everything you could want from a phone, but the best variation of them you could ask for. The powerful 8mp camera with Carl Zeiss optics, the MicroSD storage and that awesome wireless charging plate that means you need never stumble blindly in the dark for your charging wires. Just stick it on the plate and it's charging all by itself. The 820 also comes with swappable rear-shells to make the phone more personalized, more YOU!

4. iPhone 5

We've probably all owned some version of the iPhone at some point, but there have always been reasons to skip over a generation or two of previous incarnations. However, the iPhone 5 really is a must-have thanks to the complete overhaul of a design that has been a mainstay of the Apple phones since the iPhone 3, which was, believe it or not, FIVE generations of phones ago! The bigger, slimmer screen, the improved processing and the port redesign are all forward-thinking developments that proves the iPhone 5 is still at the head of the pack when it comes to innovation.

3. Samsung Galaxy S4

Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference, and this is something that Samsung knows all too well. There are dozens of lovely little touches that they've put into their latest Galaxy phone, but the ones that stood out for us include the simultaneous cameras which allow you to take two photos from two different angles at once, the Smart Pause system which stops a video whenever you take your eye off the screen and starts again when you looks back, and the Total Report and S-Health applications for those of you who want to keep track of your fitness regime.

2. Sony Xperia Z

This Sony phone comes packed to the brim with extras, with particular attention to be paid to the NFC feature, which allows users to push one button and send what they are watching or listening to on their phone to compatible televisions or wireless speakers in the area. It's also a great phone for shutterbugs with its 13.1 megapixel auto-focus camera, 16 x zoom, HDR for photos and videos, face detection and geotagging to name just a few of the applications. Also, it being a Sony product, the entertainment features are fantastic, too.

1. HTC One

There are so many reasons why this phone is awesome, we hardly know where to start! Maybe the amazing BoomSound technology, with the powerful, forward-facing mini-speakers making sure it's the best possible sound available? Should we mention the Zoe, which is like an adaptive photo album, filled with 30 second snippets of pics and videos taken on the hugely impressive 4 Ultrapixel camera? Or maybe the new Blinkfeed application, which turns your home-screen into a constantly updating social media and new source, keeping you up-to-the-minute without even trying? That's without even going into the awesome software running this immensely impressive piece of hardware, or how god-damned sexy the phone looks! In short; Buy This Phone!

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To celebrate the launch of The Man Cave, we have teamed up with Carphone Warehouse to offer one lucky viewer the chance to win our #1 smartphone, the HTC One.

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