Video games are getting more and more realistic, but this latest innovation might be taking it a bit far. 

Putting the blood back in to "video games are bloody good fun" (that was a bit too clunky, sorry), a group called Blood Sport have decided to come up with an invention that will up the stakes considerably during your next game of Call of Duty: a controller that draws blood when your character takes damage on screen. 

Using the system that would normally force your controller to rumble, a signal is sent to a device that draw small amounts of bolod from players, with limits depending on your age, medical conditions and weight. Any time your character gets punched, stabbed or suffers some form of injury, you'll lose a little bit of blood along with them. 

While that all sounds a bit masochistic, it's for a good cause, as the Canadian group behind it are using it for a donation drive. $10 (€7) would get you in to the tour that the device will be going on across Canada in June; upping that to  $25 (€18) gets you access to a test run of the device in March using Battlefield, and if you stump up $100 (€71), you can play a single-player version on your own a few weeks in advance of the device coming out.

Unfortunately, the Kickstarter that was set up to fund the project was suspended by the site, and while they haven't said why just yet, it's more than likely to do with safety concerns over something that pulls blood out of your arm.

It's an innovative way to get donations, but do you think you'd be willing to give it a try?

Via Engadget