We've all been thought in school about stranger danger - if someone approaches you who you don't know, run away and tell an adult.

One family in Missouri took it one step further and actually kidnapped their son at gunpoint.

The six-year old was, according to his parents, too nice to strangers and would have been kidnapped, if not their mad plot.

According to the criminal report, the boy's mother and grandmother approached a guy who worked in a petrol station by the name of Nathan Firoved.

Firoved agreed with them and put a plan into action to kidnap their son.

The 23-year old gas station worker waited for the boy when he was leaving school and lured him into his truck.

He then bound the child's hands and threatened him with a handgun when he began to cry.

Firoved then said that the boy would never see his mother again and that he would "nail him to the wall of a shed."

The boy was then taken to a basement where his aunt told him that the child would be sold into slavery.

All this took place with the knowledge of the child's mother, who believed she was teaching him a lesson.

The gas station worker, the child's mother and aunt have all been arrested and are now facing kidnapping and abuse charges.


Via Washington Post