House prices in Ireland are slowly creeping up and young people trying to enter the market are finding it even more difficult.

However, in the States, it's another game entirely as houses are being sold for over and above the normal amount and buyers are getting increasingly desperate.

A woman who runs a pizzeria in Portland, Oregon made an ingenious offer in order to secure herself a house.

When the house initially went on sale in Southeastern Portland, three offers were entered - but one in particular stood out to the realtor and the sellers themselves.

Donna DeNicola, of DeNicola's Italian Restaurant, offered them one free pizza a month. For her entire life. Guaranteed.

"I'm willing to do anything, because I know this market's gone crazy," Donna explained. "You kind of have to get creative at this point."

As well as offering free pizza, DeNicola offered $26,000 over the asking price and managed to secure the house for herself.

So that's all it took, eh? Free pizza for life and way more money?

Good to know for whenever we decided to sell up. We'll take offers in hot bagels and cheesy pizza, please.