Harvey - he used to be married to Alesha Dixon before she caught him lobbing the gob (and various additional body parts) in the vicinity of Javine Hilton, and was a member of So Solid Crew back in 2001 or summink - has claimed in an interview with NOW magazine that he had a relationship with Cheryl Cole.

Said claim went a lot like this: "There was a relationship and an attraction to each other's aura. She's a good girl. We've got a great respect for each other. The conversations we had... it was like two people who'd gone through so much and both respected each other because of it."

Cheryl, like all reasonable souls, took to Twitter to dispute his claim, saying: "Was this 'relationship' happening in your head @harveyofficial </?! Are you smoking something?.." Nope, he's just madourvit on his own aura. She added: "I think I've met you once maybe twice at public events and With your wife!!"

In response, Harvey said: "Do you actually want me to tweet some of the messages you emailed me @cherylcole </ pipe down and stop playing the saint in front of your fans."

Do both of you just want to come clean about what you're trying to promote 'cause it would save a lot of energy all round. OK, if you insist; would Cheryl really find someone who'd publicly done the dirt on his wife attractive?