Everyone and their mother (somewhat literally) is on Facebook these days, and now the social media giant have the stats to prove it.

On the back of Apple releasing some impressive numbers about how much money they have, Facebook have announced some equally mind-boggling numbers about how many monthly users they have.

Their stats show that they have 1.89 billion monthly users, and that 890 million of them log on to the site every day either on their desktops, or through their mobile or tablets. A lot of the growth when it comes to new users is happening on the mobile side of things, as while people are still sitting at their computers and checking content, around 745 million people are now checking the site daily on their mobile device.

Via Facebook/Mashable

There's also been an increase in the number of people who only use their phone or tablet to check their Facebook, and have eschewed the use of their computers totally, with stats showing that 526 million people only use their mobile device to access Facebook.

Via Facebook/Mashable

Overall, the stats are all moving the right way for Facebook, with their user base growing pretty constantly. Couple that with Facebook's plan to also start providing internet to people in areas that currently have no access, and the numbers will probably only go one way too.

If you're the type of person that loves a good balance sheet, then you can get a look at all the pertinent figures over on their blog too.

Via Mashable