Seems like it might be time to forget about Ebay, Amazon, and Adverts because Facebook is continuing their plan to incorporate every popular element of the internet into their site.

The site is adding personal adverts so you can buy and sell goods without having to join informal “for sale” groups, as was the case up until now.

The new system will allow you to hit a “SELL” button instead of “POST”, and your add will contain the product’s price, description, a photo, and whether it’s still available or not.

Think of much smaller version of Ebay, or cleaner version of Craigslist, and you're on to the right track. 

The function isn’t available here just yet, but has been rolled out to select “for sale” groups for trial, and is expected to spread over to iOS and Android users in the coming months. 

So Facebook isn’t just your main entire internet experience any more, it’s now the classified ad section in your local paper too. The lonely hearts section could be next, but for the minute Tinder seems to have that under control.

Via Techcrunch