Facebook has added a new feature for posting status updates (as if there weren’t enough options there) which is set to launch today.

Facebook has been encouraging users to share more personal content on their pages through features such as coloured backgrounds for statuses, a Did You Know feature, and increased options for using stories.

Their latest effort in this regard is a 'Lists' feature.

Lists pretty much does what it sounds like, allowing people on Facebook to make a list of whatever they like – To Do’s, travel wish lists, New Year’s resolutions and more.

The Lists can have coloured backgrounds and emojis can be used in the list title. If someone else's list inspires you, you can copy theirs and add your own take.

For now, the ability to create Lists is only available on Android. iOS users will be able to view Lists on their phones, but can’t currently create them. There's no word yet on when the feature will come to iOS.

Lists will appear as a part of the “What’s on your mind?” status update box as an option alongside Polls, Feeling/Activity, Photo/Video, Check In, GIF, and other items.

You can view some examples here:



The update is part of Mark Zuckerberg's bid to create "more meaningful social interactions" on Facebook but so far the reception hasn’t been all that positive. In fairness, why would you want people’s grocery shopping lists clogging up your Facebook feed?