We all know that time spent on Facebook in work is frowned upon by the majority of employers, so Zuckerberg and company are looking for a way to get around that with a new website. 

Facebook have been developing a new site, which for now is known as "Facebook at Work" (not the catchiest name, lads) which will aim to compete with LinkedIn as a site that's geared towards professionals. 

That's not all that's in store however, as according to The Irish Times, it will be a complete package that would allow users to chat with colleagues, collaborate on documents and would have some similar functions to Google Drive and Microsoft Office.

Something similar is already in place internally for the use of Facebook employees, and it seems that the decision has been taken to expand that and offer it to the public after much discussion, given that Facebook is currently banned in a number of workplaces over fears of a loss of productivity. Apparently, they have already been doing some test runs with companies based in London and around the world in the build up to a public launch of the new service. 

The biggest hurdle for the company will be getting big business to trust them, not only because of the fact that they have a reputation as a social media giant, but also because there are concerns over just how private user data is, which may cause many companies to worry about their documents or some sensitive information falling in to the hands of competitors. Either way, expect less ice bucket challenges and cat videos, and more presentations. Possibly about cats too, depending on what your company does to make money.

Via The Irish Times