Zuckerberg's rolling out a new app and really wants to make sure you use it.

Facebook is really more of a home for your photos to live in and for other people to creep on than anything else anymore which is why this news may be important for a lot of people. The social network is readying a push for its users to start using the Moments app more, and in doing so is deleting a previous photo album that you might not ever have seen.

Back in 2012, Facebook created the private 'Synced from Phone' section of photos to offer some users the option of automatically uploading all the photos captured on their phone for easier sharing. But this feature is being taken away on July 7th, and if they're not downloaded or transfered over via the Moments app before then, they're gone for good.

The good news for most Irish users is that most of us would never have got this feature as it was only rolled out in select locations, but if you joined Facebook in another country or live/lived abroad and use Facebook, you may want to check your 'Photos' section to make sure you don't have 'Synced from Phone' section, and if you do, it's time to get saving.

Via Independent