Just in case you weren’t giving enough of your info to Facebook, now your friends can pester you into it too.

The folks at Facebook make their money out of your data, everyone knows that by now, but most of the time you can opt out of giving the stuff you really don’t want to give. In particular, a lot of people leave their relationship status blank, but now nosy friends and potential sex pests can get in touch and request that information from you with their handy new ask button.

pic via Ars Technica

The feature was added several months ago but it seems that it was rolled out on a larger scale in the last week or so, which has led to a lot of people complaining and a lot of people talking about it online. You will not only be able to ask about the person's relationship status, but also work, hometown and any other info they might have chosen to leave off their profile. 

The new feature is not anonymous however, and does require you to add a message explaining why you’re asking, and that will obviously lead to incredibly awkward conversations and some pretty cheesy chat up lines. The recipient can choose to answer privately if they so wish, without having to put it up on their profile, but there will certainly be a few more questions raised for the folks at Facebook when it comes to privacy issues with this particular trinket.

Via Ars Technica and The Daily Dot