We suppose if you put the words 'exploding' and 'spider' together, people are going to get a bit upset.

As summer arrives on the other side of the Irish Sea, so do the creepy crawlies that tend to make life hell for everyone once the sun comes out. And the latest one to start grabbing attention is the yellow garden spider, a small but intimidating creature because it comes with a posy of up to 800 and then clusters together to terrify everyone.

Fortunately the spiders are completely harmless (as long as you don't count heart attacks as harm) but that hasn't stopped people freaking out after encountering massive clusters of them on their cars and outsides of homes.

The exploding part comes from the fact that when they are disturbed, the whole gang all disperse quicker than a bar closing at a festival, making nightmares come true for the unsuspecting.

All we can say is thank God they're tiny and that there's a body of water separating us from them.

Via Twitter/Metro