Back in November, Paramount whisked me over the London (Claridges to be specific. Swanky, yes) to interview the cast of Peter Jackson's latest visual treat, The Lovely Bones.

I'd the privilege of talking to Saoirse Ronan (and not just about the presents being showered upon her by journalists. She'd only just been given a Christmas mix tape by Paul Byrne. Apparently he'd "made one for Jackson" and didn't want Saorise to feel left out... I, however, provided her with a bag full of dust and a chance opportunity to apologise to the Irish nation), as well as Michael 'You'll know me as Christopher from The Sopranos' Imperioli . He was very, very serious... for a man straddling a seat like he was about to bust out a gymnastics routine. Apologies for the next sentence - but I couldn't stop staring at his crotch - hence the hesitations, stumblings and the lewd question regarding Rachel Weisz. That and the man's presence, crotchular or not, is daunting.

Finally, there was the delight that is Susan Sarandon. You can't see from the video, but she had one leg cocked up and the other curled under her, like a very attractive Hindu goddess. We initially bantered about our common bond (that'd be the hair), before her Irish roots and her now infamous ping pong club - who she managed to lure Cillian Murphy into. She also, of her own accord, mentioned Tim Robbins and his fondness of a drink, but I wasn't aware they'd split at the time... Just as well I'm not a gossip columnist by trade.