Another week, another story featuring Ewan McGregor and how butter wouldn't melt.

McGregor has revealed that he would like to try his hand at directing - for the change? For the challenge? Nope, more because he wouldn't have to take his clothes off. Poor lamb.

The 40-year-old Beginners star said that although the opportunity hasn't arisen yet, he would love to step behind the camera.

He told the Santa Monica Mirror (swanky), "I've been slightly nervous about it because it's such a big idea. I also never wanted to do it, just to be a director, but rather to do it because I want to tell a particular story and I'm still waiting for that story to find me... The real reason I would like to direct is so that I can turn up at work and not take off my clothes. It seems like every day I turn up for work I have to take off my clothes and put on someone else's clothes, so it would be quite nice to just wear my own clothes all day."

Aaahhh, OK, it's not just 'cause he's nude in quite a selection of his back catalogue - it's because he has to put a costume on. Or, as a large wedge of the populace call it, a uniform.

And there I thought he'd simply had enough of disrobing in front of strangers...