Ewan McGregor has announced on Twitter that he is boycotting Good Morning Britain after its host, Piers Morgan, called people attending the Women's Marches last Saturday "rabid feminists."

The actor stars in the sequel of Trainspotting (T2) and is currently promoting the film.

McGregor tweeted the following:


Things got increasingly heated when Morgan replied:


And he didn’t leave things there:



The TV presenter angered many people on Twitter last Saturday after saying he had decided to organise a "Men's March" to protest "the creeping global emasculation" of his gender:



Susanna Reid, who is Morgan’s co-host on Good Morning Britain, expressed disappointment about McGregor’s decision to not go on the show and encouraged him to stand up for his views on air:


The opinion on McGregor’s decision has been pretty divided overall, with some congratulating him and others taking a similar stance to Reid:








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