In the continuing quest for gender equality, Esquire have treated us to both a topless Tom Hardy and Lake Bell on their May cover.

This is really only making waves now for some reason as the covers were released this week. I reckon that's because it takes a least 5 days to digest the wonderland that is Tom Hardy's choice of body art. at first I thought his right pectorial was playing host to a ribbon routine, but - upon closer inspection - it's those drama masks. Then there's a crow being sick and rake load of fonts to ponder.

Aaaaand Lake Bell wore a pair of tights. She was obviously directed to proffer a smidge of side boob to keep people interested. Tom is a hard act to follow.

So, why are they appearing together(ish) anyway? Well, as far as we can tell they're not in a movie together (he's in a "one man drama' called Locke, while she's going to star opposite Jon Hamm in some Disney movie or other, and has directed such feminist films as In A World...), but they do both like getting their tops off. That and Esquire seems to think they're THE NEXT BIG THING, despite Hardy being around the block more than a few times already.

Aaaaand back to inspecting Tom's tatts we go.