The last 24 hours have seen the world divided not by politics or religion or matters of life and death, but by the colour of a dress. Congratulations everyone, we've achieved peak mass idiocy.

It all started when Caitlin McNeill uploaded a photo of a dress to her Tumblr, asking people to help her decide what colour the dress was because her and her friends couldn't agree on what colour it was. And it turns out the world can't either.

Some people see blue and black, others see white and gold. Even Taylor Swift and other celebs have joined in on the debate. And there have been hundred if not thousands of stories on the dress so far, with Buzzfeed, as one example, featuring 11 separate articles on it on their homepage as of right now. Everyone has a theory, and there's even some science to explain why opinion is divided.

The one good thing that's come out of it? These amazing mashed up memes.

Look, all that matters here is that we agree that, regardless of colour, that dress is ugly as f*ck.

Conspiracy sidebar: The Backstreet Boys have a new documentary called 'Show 'Em What You're Made Of' coming out. Coincidence? We think not.