You know David Spade, he's on TV. Anyway, he was invited on to Jimmy Kimmel after Sam Smith "lost his voice" after the Grammys (yes, he lost his voice, he's not suffering from a two day hangover or anything) and turned out to be a very entertaining last minute replacement. TAKE THAT, SMITH.

Here is what he had to say about Kanye/Beckgate - and invariably he gets the whole Kanye, Kim and Beyonce dynamic spot on. He also echo's most people's sentiments regarding what a massive plank West is. 

Meanwhile, New England Patriots' Brandon Browner, when addressing what an eejit Kanye is, wasn't so articulate or entertaining via his twitter (it's OK, Kanye is a Seahawks fan). 

That's fightin' talk! Despite being so filled with rage that he mistook 19-year-old Swift for a 15-year-old; he did raise a valid point by retweeting the following...

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