Congrats world, we're still just as lousy as we were last time this old chestnut popped its head up. It really is one step forward, two hundred back sometimes isn't it?

Uma Thurman took to the red carpet for the premiere of new show 'The Slap' on Monday night, and while she may not have been as instantly recognisable as she has been previously, the reaction from the world has been one of OTT ridiculousness.

People immediately jumped to the default conclusion of plastic surgery, with references to Renee Zellwegger (she being the most recent star who chose to alter their appearance and be attacked over it) and other stars who've gone under the knife coming thick and fast, and the general sentiment of shame and derision being applied.

The reality of the situation? She decided to not wear mascara. We've pored over this with some very intense zooming and that is literally the only difference between the two images above. She more than likely decided that she wanted to try something new and change up her makeup or her usual makeup artist wasn't free and she had to get someone unfamiliar or maybe, just maybe, she intended to leave the house looking just like this i.e. just like she always does just minus the dark eye makeup and mascara.

And if she had had surgery? Bully for her, it's her body and her money and she can do what she wants with it. But honestly? This just looks like a whole lot of people getting over-excited for something that really should have zero impact on their daily lives. Every just needs to chilllllll.

Makeup artist responsible for Uma Thurman's 'new face' discusses how he achieved the 'look'