Mrs. Cole has done an interview/Sin City (some outlets are saying Gothic, I beg to differ. The make up on display her is wee bit more whorish) inspired magazine shoot, and it appears to be the big news story of the day. Oh, and the fact that Simon Cowell's considering having the X Factor finale a week earlier next year (there was never not going to be another series) so there isn't a repeat of this year's Christmas Number One scenario (and as for Joe hoping to be number one this weekend, he can say good luck to that as his mentor, Cheryl, is tipped to snatch that from him as she's released her new single Three Words. All's fair in "chart wars" and cheesy, repetitive music.)

The article, which is in the December 27th issue, quotes her as saying a few things, such as: "There's a rumble about going over. But I don't want to put myself out there to fail. It's not something I constantly think about. Does that sound weird? I like being in company. That's what made me realise I wanted to be in a band... I can't be out there alone. I'm not at that point of going solo [full time] yet. The other day I was like, oh god, why would you even do this when you've got for four friends as a security blanket?"

Of Girls Aloud's music, she said: "I remember listening to Love Machine and thinking, 'We cannot put this crap out'. That's what I said to the label: it sounds like something Busted would do. Then it went to Number 2. I was, like, Oh right. OK. I'll keep quiet."

Of getting together with Ashley, she said: "I turned him down a few times before I got with him. I had a preconceived idea of what footballers were like. Ashley is ridiculously, painfully shy. You can't tar everyone with the same brush."

Yeah, not every footballer gets his mate to ask a hairdresser back to his gaff on his behalf, and proceeds to have it off with her between bouts of vomiting on the bedroom carpet.

Painfully shy.