It's not everyday you get to write about the Rubberbandits with extra clothes on, but the Limerick lads have become the boys in blue in support of Blue September, the charity encouraging men to become more aware of their health and challenging Irish men to face up to cancer. Blue September Ireland aims to raise awareness of bowel, lung, prostate and testicular cancer, while fundraising for Irish charities; Cancer Care West, The Mater Foundation and The Mercy Hospital Foundation, by encouraging people to have fun with the colour blue, be it either painted over your entire face or simply wearing a splash of it in your clothes.

Pictured with Michael Sheridan from The Mercy Hospital Foundation and charity campaigner Chris Flack, Mr. Chrome and Blindboy donned some bright blue Y-fronts outside the Project Arts Centre, Dublin to get the message out there, joining the ranks of celebs supporting the charity. So get checking boys, only takes a minute (but in private, please)! For more information, check out