If you've ever dreamed of being behind the wheel, or perhaps in the passenger seat of Optimus Prime (when he's in truck form), then your wish may become reality soon enough.

Uber is an app that you can use, a bit like Hailo, to call a car to your door, but it tends to be a private black swanky car rather than a taxi. However, in a promotional tie-in with the good folks behind Transformers: Age of Extinction, they've come together to offer users the chance to book and be picked up by Optimus Prime, which is possibly the best thing ever.

You can get yourself a ride from the main man by opening up the app, choosing the Autobots option, setting where your location is and then hitting Roll Out (of course), but you may have to give it a few tries given that there's only one in the whole world.

The only catch is that it's not taking place on the streets of Dublin, unfortunately, but rather Los Angeles, Houston and Phoenix for only a few hours on one specific day later this month, which means that you'd want to start booking those flights sharpish...

Via Mashable