Fingers crossed this is the final version.

You've probably seen artist Chris Barker's collage to all those we've lost in 2016 already, but the fact that it's not been easy to keep up with isn't lost on him or anyone else.

Barker's Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band-style homage first appeared in November and has unfortunately gone through several versions since then, the most recent addition being Carrie Fisher.

Barker himself appears to have gotten sick of the piece, telling The Huffington Post: “This year really has got a wicked sense of humour. Just when you think it can’t shock you any more it manages to pull something else out of the bag. I dread to think what’s next frankly but for those who are asking what I have planned for next year? I don’t know. Not this, that’s for sure.” 

Although the image has gone viral on many platforms in its various forms, Barker isn't making any money off it, saying: "As a photographer pointed out to me, it would kind of be unethical to profit from something that makes use of so many peoples’ intellectual property so that’s why I am asking people to donate to charity... Any charity will do."