The WIFI going down on the first day of the Web Summit wasn't the only talking point from yesterday... the rest of us were drooling over Eva Longoria's footwear, not to mentioned mesmerised by the fact that she thought sandals were a viable option for Dublin in November. 

In yesterday's post, we made reference to the fact that Eva had no idea what she was going to talk about when taking to the stage at the Web Summit. I thought she was being a bit cocky, in a "I can just hop up onstage and riff about stuff 'n stuff without having to make several trips to the toilet and ingesting an ill-advised amount of Immodium" kind of way. Turns out, she didn't have a clue because she was being interviewed (by Jemima Khan, for some reason). One of the subjects tackled was "fame" and how Eva is grateful she found it "late" in life...

The 39-year-old actress said: "I became famous quite late in life, according to Hollywood standards. I was 28 or 29. I already had my Bachelor's degree, I went to college, I was very set in my identity prior to this thing called fame. If you let the tabloids, the news or the media define you as 'America's sweetheart' or 'America's party girl,' and you kind of go in that direction, that's when you can get into trouble. That didn't happen to me because I was so set in who I was, it just kind of falls off my shoulders."

Eva also doesn't feel pressure to maintain her youthful appearance, according to The Indo: "I'm still young, so I haven't experienced the ageism yet. I was on a show called Desperate Housewives,' where most of the female leads were over the age of 40 and it became a global phenomenon... People tend to put women in boxes - she's sexy, she's smart, she's ambitious, she's a mom, she's young... where women are very complex and the greatest advantage we have is that we're always underestimated."

Following her stint at the summit, herself, Jemima and Lily Cole all headed off to Locks Brasserie for a bite to eat. Eva, again, wore sandals. Maniac.

For those of you missing the presence of Eva on yer telly box, she's about to take a break from producing: "I probably will be returning to television next year in a new show. I don't know what it is yet, but stay tuned."

In the meantime, she's stocking up on (read: getting sent) boxloads of Tayto and Jameson, which TV casting directors are bound to find a heady mix... Imagine the bang off the breath after a night on that lot...