It's been announced who will be fighting it out to represent Irland in Deutschland come May, well, we have to get past the semi-final on the 12th first.

RTE decided to live on the wild side and change how the songs and performers were chosen. Normally, the song writers (who can be anybody, from anywhere) have already got their singer(s) on board, put forward their song and then hope for the best. This year, RTE nominated five mentors who've had proven experience in the music industry, asked them to search for an act and come up with a catchy jingle that could possibly bring home the Eurovision title once more. Ah, remember the days when we always won. The last memory I have is sitting in my communion dress, with my cousins and having a gay old time watching Ireland do us proud. That was well before we sent a stuffed animal and a trolley to showcase Ireland's talent.

Alas, I won't keep you in suspense any longer. The five mentors and acts that will sing for your votes on The Late Late Show Eurosong 2011 special, are: *drumrolls on desk*

Mentor: Ronan Hardiman, Singer: Don Mescall

Mentor: Caroline Downey Desmond, Singer: Jedward (who's song is titled Lipstick)

Mentor: Willie Kavanagh, Singer: The Mystery Act (honestly, it's a surprise and we won't find out until the night who the act is. How exciting, eh?.)

Mentor: Liam Lawton, Singer: The Vard Sisters

Mentor: David Hayes, Singer: Nikki Kavanagh

In all seriousness, The Vard Sisters could actually be in with a chance, but our European friends seem to like Jedward, so the Lucan twins could clinch it for us. If it were in China or Japan, then it would be a sure thing.

If you still have some form of interest in the above, do tune in on Friday 11th to Tubbers or, if you want to go all out, there's a special documentary, hosted by Eurovision know-it-all Marty Whelan, on 5th February.

C'Mon Ireland!!!

-Alicia Coyle.