Tayto Park will soon be home to Europe's largest potato-based mascot (we think) AND its largest inverted wooden rollercoaster.

Ireland has long been lacking an inverted wooden rollercoaster, but thankfully the folks at Tayto Park have decided to right that wrong after years of stoic suffering in silence by the Irish people.

The roller coaster will be completed by this summer, for all the folks who want to head Ashbourne and check it out, but there may be a bit of a wait as Niamh Reynolds, Tayto Park Marketing Manager told The Journal, "we have been taking calls and emails from rollercoaster enthusiasts around the world for months, asking to be on the rollercoaster on the first day. We have even had someone asking to be on the ride on the first day so that he can propose to his girlfriend!".

Mr. Tayto himself seems to be overseeing the work and is pleased with progress to date.

The rollercoaster will reach a fairly impressive height of 32.05 metres at its highest point, and the will be 29 metres, so it should provide plenty of excitement for those who are brave enough to have a go on it.

Via The Journal. Main pic via Gavin Duffy/Twitter