We’ve all been in this situation at some point, caught introducing someone when we’re not 100% sure of their name.

But there are a few reliable options when you’re in this predicament. You can always hope they introduce themselves, you could murmur some gibberish and hope nobody calls you up on it, or you could guess their name and hope for the best.

One slight caveat though, none of these tend to work when you’re anchoring a news show, as Sky News’ Dermot Murnaghan, I hope that’s his name, found out when he got the President of Estonia’s surname wrong live on air, twice. Judging by President Toomas Ilves’ (A.K.A Hendrick) reaction, we’re guessing he didn’t see the funny side of it.

To be honest, we had no idea what the President’s name was either, so we used Google and it seemed to work pretty OK. Maybe Sky could try that the next time. Ah, it's all LOL's and JK's now, but let's spare a moment's thought for the researcher who probably doesn't have a job anymore.