Entourage star Adrian Grenier has pissed off some folk on Twitter because of a 9/11 post on his social media.

The actor and filmmaker posted the below on his Instagram which resulted in a whole lot of YOU HATE AMERICA tweets in retaliation.

It was via the below tweet.



So far he's been called "another cliched pampered celeb" been told to "get the fuck out of America RIGHT NOW and NEVER come back" and a good, old fashioned "fuck you." There are a few of those. 

Frankly, we're shocked. Wait, nope, no we're not. Twitter is always getting annoyed at this type of stuff - offensive or otherwise.

As of this evening, he hasn't deleted the tweet and (smartly) hasn't addressed anyone giving him jip on social media for the post. But he has deleted the picture that caused the ruckus. 

Via Instagram