We've been gifted a little video update of Team C's progress during their Tweet 'Em Home quest so far - and *drum rolls* here it is!

To recap, our Catherine Egan has joined Brent Pope and Keith Barry (who's so magical he appears to have made himself invisible) as they peg it across the country to Galway and back again - powered by your tweets.

Let's break it down: here are three teams involved - Team A includes musician Mundy and comedian Joe Rooney are representing Concern Worldwide; Team B will represent the Irish Cancer Society and star navigators comedian Andrew Stanley and RTE presenter Katie Van Buren; while Team C will drive for the ISPCC and magician Keith Barry and rugby commentator Brent Pope will be asking for support on the #ESBElectricIrelandTeamC hashtag to help top up their tank and bring them across the finish line first - whooooot! The more you use the team C hashtag the more chances we have of winning €20,000 for the ISPCC.

Keep a peeper on @entertainmentie and facebook.com/entertainment.ie today for all of Catherine's update on Team C's progress. We're also hoping she'll pick up a few magic tricks off Keith Barry to wow us with in the office upon her return at some stage this evening.

Other accounts to keep an eye on today include: http://twitter.com/#!/ISPCCChildline; @popenation http://twitter.com/#!/Popenation; @keithpbarry http://twitter.com/#!/Keithpbarry; and lastly @famous_seamus82.