In this near-dystopian world, there are few pure and unfettered joys left that we as humans can reasonably interact without the knowledge that it may cause damage to someone else, someone who doesn't deserve it.

It's often positioned that there is no ethical consumption under modern capitalism, but this - this - is something everyone can enjoy. Young or old, rich or poor, all races and all religious creeds - everyone can enjoy watching Piers Morgan get hit in the face with a whipped cream by comedian Harry Hill and know that it's making the world a better place.

It's so joyful, so honestly fulfilling, that it should be played on giant screens for the world to see. You can just feel the utter anger radiate out of Piers Morgan's being, and it says a lot that his first reaction is to hit his female co-worker with a cream pie rather than go for the man who did it to him.

Anyway, take a moment and savour this.


And because we liked it so much, here's a .gif you can download and take with you of the moment of impact.