As anyone who does it will tell you, commuting on a train can be a grim experience.

More often than not, it's cramped, dingy and you're in that fitful, half-asleep, half-awake buzz that actually just seems to make you more tired than most. However, one train driver working for England's Southern Railways makes a point of brightening up people's days.

The unknown train driver takes to the intercom on a regular basis throughout his shift, regularly quizzing commuters with trivia questions and getting them to guess a featured year. The driver's even got a hashtag going on Twitter, with commuters tweeting out answers.


This video was posted to Reddit just a few short hours ago and is already on the frontpage of the site, with many commenters mystified and delighted with the train driver's antics.

It soon became clear that the driver is something of a mini-celebrity, with various commenters reporting that he did everything from singing over the intercom to give out random trivia quizzes and the like during his journeys.

The driver himself has never been identified, however commuters and passengers who use Southern Railways have been known to tweet the company's official account to ask what route the driver is on and even requested that he take over a specific commuter train because he's that entertaining.

Honestly, if all public transport was hosted by future game-show hosts, life would be so much cheerier.


Via YouTube / Twitter / Reddit